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Below are some links to sites that parents, teachers and students should visit periodically for current events and good wholesome fun and learning:

Ministry of Education

St. Lucia Government

Camdu: Curriculum Guides


The Voice

DBS News

HTS News

St. Lucia News Online

Online Stories

Educational Games






One Response to Quick Links

  1. Mr. Eco says:

    Are you looking for an educational show that both students and faculty will absolutely love and support? Environmental rap superhero Mr. Eco from California is coming to St Lucia!

    See videos of the show and what 250+ schools and 125,000+ students across the United States say about us:

    There is NO COST for the assembly. We are waiving our $600 US fee. The show will focus on ocean plastic pollution. Mr. Eco sailed from Bermuda to Iceland studying plastic in the ocean.

    We are coming to St Luicia to film a music video for a song that collaborated with the choir from St Josephs Covenant.

    We are taking bookings in your area on the following dates: May 11th – 13th and the 16,17. The spots will fill up quickly and we are booking first come first serve.

    The Ministry Of Education and The Ministry Of Sustainable Development, Energy, Science and Technology are both aware of our show.

    Thanks for your time and consideration,

    Mr. Eco

    PS see our music videos that have 655,000+ views on YouTube:
    I am an environmental rap superhero. Watch my videos and become an #EcoHero!!

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