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Playing it Safe

  • Jun 11 / 2016
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Playing it Safe

In keeping with the Child-Friendly School (C.F.S) Framework, F.A.P.S continues to make small improvements to their routines and procedures. On Wednesday 8th June 2016, a Recess Management Plan was launched. This action research plan seeks to;

  • reduce the frequency of accidents
  • teach the students to self-manage and solve problems
  • whole school approach which involves all staff members and parents
  • create a safe environment for the students to participate in a variety of activities
  • allow the students to reflect on their negative behaviour and think of alternative positive actions

Easily identifiable playground monitors (4) and one teacher are always on duty to enforce playground rules. Anyone caught breaking the rules is given a ticket and spends the corresponding period, break or lunch, on detention to reflect on their behaviour and write their thoughts on a form. Parents are informed via letter, e-mail or Whats App.

Goal Achievers moving towards another target. Go F.A.P.S!


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