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Parading Mathematicians




On November 20th, 2018 all students shared their slogans and creative math related posters as they sang jingles and chanted while parading around the school grounds. Everyone has the Mathematics fever!

Adding to the Tourism Product




For years, visitors have passed by in busses, taking pictures and on many occasions given waves and smiles as they commute to Sky Rides, Fond La Ti Sab and other tourist destinations in the area. On November 16, 2018, thanks to Cox and Company, all this changed. Arrangements are in place for tourists to visit the school, learn about our culture and education system, engage in the school greenhouse and interact with selected students who host the visiting group. A very authentic learning experience for students of Grade 3 and loads of entertainment for their guests.

Conquering During Math Month


November 6th marked the launching of Mathematics month at F.A.P.S under the theme, “Fostering Creative Thinking Through Mathematics and Music”. Along with the usual planned activities (Sudoku puzzles, Parade, Board games and Brain teasers), lots of excitement was centered  a ConquerMath competition (an online math software made available to the students) courtesy of the Gamma Learning Institute. To top things off, students enjoyed receiving information via math jingles and songs throughout the assembly.

On Your Mark..




Students took to the streets on 2nd December, 2018 to compete in the annual F.A.P.S Road Race. The top finishers were Laurent Wilfred, followed by Terrol Albert and Kevin Amedee in first, second and third respectively.

Book Frenzy




Thanks to Hands Across the Sea, in collaboration with the Make it Happen Foundation and the office of Duboulay and Chastanet, a long awaited shipment of reading books and related resources finally arrived at the school. Student librarians and other volunteers participated in the entire process; carrying, unpacking, stamping, sorting and packing the books on shelves.

Journey Through Time






Students and teachers had a blast playing ring games and sharing other treasured past times. They also had fun modeling their creole wear, bursting bamboo and sampling a range of creole dishes. Friday 26th October – Bon Fete Kweyol!

Join the Fight




F.A.P.S. students and teachers played their part in the battle against cancer by making a donation to Faces of Cancer and presenting a card to lift the spirits of those who are affected by the disease.  A touching gesture on November 24th, 2018. In exchange, the students were exposed to a definition of cancer, its causes, how it is treated and measures to try to avoid cancer. Altogether, a very informative session, by Ms. Dorothy Philip (President – Faces of Cancer) and Mary Popo with colleague (Lion’s Club).

Worthy of mention, Ms. Ronelle Biscombe (teacher at F.A.P.S) for her efforts in coordinating the session.

Making it Happen!




Our gratitude goes out to a new friend of F.A.P.S in the person of Mrs. Raquel DuBoulay-Chastanet and the Make it Happen Foundation. The name says it all. Through their generous donation, the long awaited Reading Room is now furnished with shelves and arrangements to clear the shipment from books sent from Hands Across the Sea, are in progress. A proud moment for her – watching and talking to students as they enjoy reading for pleasure on November 1st, 2018.

A Dose of Folk







Jason Joseph, also known as Bachelor, shared cultural music and knowledge with the students of F.A.P.S as part of Jounen Kweyol celebrations. He spoke on the categories of folk music and played popular songs from each. October 24th, 2018 marked a memorable and interactive session. Students and teachers sang along and even had an opportunity to dance!

Notice to Viewers






The posts for the first and second term of the academic year will be uploaded this week, January 14 – 18, 2019. One to three pictures will accompany each very brief post (as a place holder) and thereafter will be updated over time. This was due to an interruption in administrative access to the site and some technical issues.

Every effort will be made to remain current this term. Thank you for your loyalty and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.