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Meet the staff

  • Feb 08 / 2014
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Meet the staff

Mrs. Sandy Louisy (Principal)

Mrs. Sharon Germain (Teacher-In-Charge)

Hi! Mrs. Sharon Germain here! Visual Arts teacher.

Mr. Irvin Smith (Teacher)

“I have taught at Fond Assau Primary for the past 14 years. This academic year, I am the Grade 3 teacher.  My experience here has been challenging but filled with enjoyable and memorable moments. I am happy to be a positive change agent in the lives of those entrusted in my care.”

Ms. Hannah Bailey

Fond Assau Primary will be graced with her presence from September 2019 – July 2021. She is attached to the Grade 3 class to assist with the teaching of literacy.

Mr. Solomon Alexander (Teacher)

“I have been a member of TEAM FAPS for thirteen years. I’m proud to contribute to the holistic development and education of all the students at Fond Assau Primary (A Child-friendly School of Choice). I was indeed very pleased when the principal offered me the opportunity to work with the entire school population as the physical education teacher. I enjoy teaching the students the skills, techniques , strategies and positive attitudes necessary to perform at their peak physical capabilities. This will boost their self-esteem, and keep their bodies and minds healthy; a good recipe for academic development.”

Mrs. Jales Caroo-Hippolyte (Grade K Teacher)

J Hippolyte

“I aspire to be a vibrant and innovative individual who always brings a new addition into the teaching/ learning environment. I do my best to positively impact the social, moral and intellectual well-being of my students and their families. Teaching is my passion and family, my treasure.”

Mrs. Kathy Baptiste (Teacher)

K Baptiste

Mrs. Kathy Baptiste is working with the Grade 4 class this year (2019-20)

Ms. Janice Anthony (Teacher)

“I am presently the Grade One teacher. I really enjoy working with the infants. They make teaching and learning fun! The experiences that I have had teaching , has really assisted me in improving my career year after year. I enjoy the fact that I help make a difference in someone’s life.”

Ms. Sherkirah Augustin (Grade 2 Teacher)

Mr.Brendon Joseph (Teacher)

“I am the current Grade 6 (Six) teacher. I have been enjoying my teaching experience at this school, and looking forward to continue being a part of the Fond Assau Primary School staff.”

Mr. Manasseh Joseph (Grade 5 Teacher)

Ms. Loverly Augustin (French Teacher)

Ms. Whitney Abysique (Music Teacher)

Mrs. Louisette (Cook)

Ms L

“Fond Assau Primary has had my service for twenty enjoyable years. I thank the school for its contribution to my livelihood and will continue to give my best.”

Ms. Greta Chastanet (Domestic Engineer)

G Chastanet

” I have spent many years on the staff of the School and I enjoy my job.”

Ms. Cynthia Alfred (Domestic Engineer)


“The past 23 years have been tough but I am doing my best. I love my job.”