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C.F.S Framework

  • Jun 12 / 2015
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C.F.S Framework

The Child-Friendly School Framework has been adopted by the School. It is the umbrella for all activities at the Fond Assau Primary School and  over time should permeate deeper into the hearts and minds of staff, parents, students and other stakeholders who are associated with the Fond Assau Primary School.


Under this Child-Friendly School (C.F.S) Framework the school seeks to implement all the key elements necessary for child-centered, gender sensitive, health-based and quality centered programs and methods for its success.


Some initiatives, efforts and programs – not exhaustive by any means, include:

  • A CFS Team
  • A School Advisory Committee
  • A Vibrant PTA
  • A Budding Student  Council
  • An Improving Feeding Program with and upcoming Pedagogical Greenhouse as a source of food
  • Improving our teaching strategies and the learning environment (Support Teaching)
  • Motivate and manage students through a school shop and colour wheel system respectively
  • A Rap-session to council and guide students.
  • In the process of painting signs and games, renovating and beautifying the school plant (mural)

In the near future, we are hoping to have a new and improved child-friendly school building complete with a court and playground. This is through the efforts of the Ministry of Education in collaboration with BEEP.

To keep everyone motivated the school now has CFS Jingles from various genre of music:

Reggae (Stay Tuned)


Techno (Stay Tuned)


“Fond Assau Primary aspires tirelessly to become a Child-Friendly School of Choice!”