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  • Oct 23 / 2015
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Jounen Kweyol Highlights


Jounen Kweyol af F.A.P.S was off to a slow start with the Creole Breakfast but definitely picked up and ended with a bang! A day filled with fun activities and good food.

Catch the highlights in the “Gallery” ==> “Academic Year 2015” ==> “Jounen Kweyol 2015”

Bigger and better each year!

  • Oct 15 / 2015
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No Big Show, Yet We Grow


As part of the activities leading up to International Credit Union Day which will be celebrated on Thursday October 15, 2015; Ms. Criseyde Preville – 2nd Vice President of the St. Lucia Teacher’s Credit Cooperative (S.L.T.C.C), visited the Fond Assau Primary School (F.A.P.S) too share some important financial tit-bits.  Continue Reading

  • Oct 13 / 2015
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The ‘Cutting’ Edge!

Barber1 Barber2 Haircuts

The Fond Assau Primary School (F.A.P.S) staff, Ministry of Education and Cutty Ranks duo are hopeful that when students look good, they feel self-confident and their higher self-esteem will translate to model behavior and satisfactory academic performance. Continue Reading

  • Oct 09 / 2015
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Teacher Appreciation at F.A.P.S

Teacher AppreciationTeacher Appreciation1

Compliments of the Principal, the Fond Assau staff had a quick get together to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day. The topping on this observance were the requests sent out to teachers by their students: 

  • “You are the best Teacher in the whole world”
  • “I love you Miss”
  • “Thank you for all you have done for me”

These were a few of the heart-warming shout-outs by the students.

Well done teachers, keep it up!

  • Sep 18 / 2015
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Theme for the Academic Year 2015 – 2016

FAPS Theme

As the Fond Assau Primary School is reborn in the community, change is inevitable – hence the evolution of a new culture. In an effort to put everything in focus, the school has embraced the idea of a yearly theme.

The theme for 2015-2016 is  ” We are Goal Achievers”.

Continue Reading