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Advocates for Mother Earth

  • Jun 17 / 2016
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Advocates for Mother Earth

Today, June 17, 2016, Ms. Nicole Haynes and her team from the Forestry Department visited the Fond Assau Primary School to share valuable information about protecting our environment. The key message “Protect Earth, Restore Land, Engage People. ”

Mr. Igi, the Forestry mascot, was the star of the show. He shared his message while grooving to two upbeat and information-packed songs.

The staff and students were engaged, not only in song but with an informative and interactive presentation. The Forestry Department ended their visit with a tree planting exercise. A representative group of Grade Six students participated in the activity.

The staff and students of F.A.P.S thank the Forestry Department for a fun-filled and rewarding event.

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