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Technology; The Villain or Hero?

  • Jun 04 / 2020
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Technology; The Villain or Hero?

The Covid-19 pandemic forces an early closure of schools and everyone changed gears from face-to-face to cyberspace. Teachers have been asked to prepare packages for homes to engage those students without access to technology and use whatsapp, Google Classroom, Edmodo, Zoom, Google Meet and any other available medium to revise content covered in terms one and two.

What is Covid-19?

Many are happy to use technology to cope with the present situation, while some hold it responsible for our current situation. In the meantime, parents and students are ask to cooperate with educators and the government to observe social distancing and whatever curfews or measures that have been arranged.

Until we can meet again. Be safe everyone.


  1. Madona Florenville

    Saying hello to the Principal, Staff, Students and Parents of Fond Assau Primary and trusting that the Protective Hands of the Almighty God will be upon this noble institution as you continue the journey of impacting lives and making that important difference in the Fond Assau community and beyond. These are trying times for you in the education system as you navigate your way amidst COVID 19. I therefore wish that you remain safe and that you achieve all your goals at FAPS.

    • Irvin Smith

      Hello to you as well. Pleased to know that you are still attached to the grape vine. We are doing our best to cope and appreciate your prayers. All the best to you and your family. Be safe and God bless you all :).


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