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Cruising into Poetry – Wave Three

  • Feb 23 / 2020
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Cruising into Poetry – Wave Three

A very timely visit from our cruise ship visitors landed them smack in the middle of a solid line up of poetry in observance of Nobel Laureate Day Celebrations, under the theme “Celebrating Excellence – Vision 2020”.  They feasted on the talents of our youth as well as the local snacks prepared for them.


They were also moved to make a contribution to the school; a gesture of their gratitude and support. They received a trio of thanks from, Keber Edwin(Student Council Vice President), Mrs. Sandy Louisy(Principal of Fond Assau) and Mr. Cyrus Cepal(Education Officer for dIstrict One).

During the morning assembly, the principal took the opportunity to recognize the academic excellence of deserving students.

Later that day, the Kindergarten, Grade One and Two students displayed their athletic abilities through fun sports. January 24th was quite eventful indeed!

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