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Christian Service

  • May 15 / 2019
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Christian Service

Elder Felix and his daughter volunteered to share the word at FAPS Christian Service on Monday 14, 2019.He spoke on the idea of changing mindlets while his daughter spoke on setting S.M.A.R.T goals in four steps. She went on to share how this is done:

  • Set a big goal
  • Know your purpose
  • Break it down into smaller goals
  • Identify possible obstacles

It was a wonderful ceremony filled with songs of praise and words of advice. A few lucky students received bibles for correct responses to questions and some copies were donated to the school library. Everyone in Grade 6 was lifted in prayer so that they may do well in the upcoming Common Entrance Exam.

The Principal and staff extend their gratitude to all those who were present, especially parents and our guest presenters.

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