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Conquermath Action

  • Apr 26 / 2019
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Conquermath Action

Three hard working students were honored on a district level at the Independence Rally dated February 20th, 2019, for their consistent use of the ConquerMath online software.

Navi Smith (1st place), Luwander Antoine(2nd Place) and Deonte Casimir(3rd place) were the top three students at the school for the competition which took place in November 2018, throughout Mathematics Month. Finishing second on a district level and proud winner of a tablet was young Navi Smith of Grade 5.

The school is encouraging all parents who are financially able, to make use of the Conquermath software. Conquermath access costs $30.00 for an entire year and students can login from the school or on any device with an internet connection and a browser. Let’s encourage students to use technology for learning.


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