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Inter- House Rivalry

  • Apr 01 / 2019
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Inter- House Rivalry

On February 13, 2019, the four sporting Houses engaged in fierce competition, doing their best to impress their representative. An invitation was sent to each past principal who had a House named in their honour. The members of Gustave House invited Mrs. Mary Gustave, immediate past principal. Leonce members anxiously awaited Mr. Leonard Leonce, brother of Ms. Agnes Leonce to represent her while Albert expected the presence of Mrs. Virginia Albert-Poyotte. Although Ms. Rosella Bushell was laid to rest on June 13, 2017, the members invited a family member in her stead. Present on the day were Ms. Deborah Bushell, daughter of Mrs. Rosella Bushell and Mr. Leonard Leonce.

The presence of the parents was much appreciated, as well as the assistance of the Babonneau Fire Service (E.M.P) emergency personnel. The staff extends a big THANK YOU to all of them and praised  the Almighty for an incident free sports meet.

After the first set of races,  before the relay events, some of the medals were presented along with the overall point standing. Everyone had to wait until the following day to find out which House would claim the trophy, along with all the prestige, for an entire year.

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