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Sound Advice

  • Jun 22 / 2018
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Sound Advice



As is customary after Common Entrance Exams, the grade six students are engaged in activities which will prepare them, as they transition to their respective secondary schools. On June 21, 2018, Health aids Laurentia Maylor, Keisha Maryat and Janelle Dupre rallied together to send the message; “Say No!” to peer pressure leading to the use of drugs and alcohol. The main purpose for their visit however, was to educate the students about the risks and effects of experimenting or engaging in sexual activity of any kind. They also learnt about the viruses and bacteria which cause various sexually transmitted diseases and infections. All present, were armed with the skills and smarts to deal with some of the possible dangers that lie ahead.

In the near future, the District One Counselor, will organise for older students from selected secondary schools to share their experiences and offer a survival guide for the next step in their educational journey. A job well done by our hard-working social and healthcare workers!

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