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Fruits of Labour

  • Mar 01 / 2017
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Fruits of Labour





On March 1st, 2017 – the staff and students of the Fond Assau Primary School witnessed the installation of one important component for their school playground after 10 years of dreaming, fund raising and soliciting assistance from the community as well as the public and private sector! A cornerstone of any child-friendly school; a play-set for children to develop their social and motor skills.

Although the play-set is not officially opened to the students and the community, the school hopes that it will be a source of motivation for everyone who has worked tirelessly to make this dream a reality and is testimony that patience, perseverance and dedication reap reward.

The staff is hopeful that Fond Assau Primary will regain it’s position as the nucleus of the community; a place where everyone feels welcomed and proud, has clean wholesome fun, is empowered and sees themselves as a partner in the struggle for positive change.

Fond Assau Primary – “Aspiring to be a child-friendly school of choice”

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Go Team F.A.P.S!

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