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Forty-seven (47) Years of Service

  • Sep 23 / 2015
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Forty-seven (47) Years of Service

Anniversary Cover


Teachers and students of the Fond Assau Primary School learnt about their history during a special assembly to mark their 47th anniversary. (See “About Us” ==> “History” for details)

They focused on the past principals and teachers-in-charge and highlighted their contributions to the development of the school. Mr. Michael Gaspard was recognized for his contribution of the School’s crest and motto during his tenure and mention was made that the houses (sports) carry the surnames of selected past principals.

The students were fascinated by the number of past students of the school who are now making a difference in the school and the community. Tribute was paid to Honorable Alvina Reynolds (Parliamentary Representative for Babonneau), Ms. Jenevy Louisy (Cook), Mr. Alexis Louis (Caretaker), Ms. Yasmen Louisy (secretary), Ms. Loretta Felix (ICT Assistant), Mrs. Jales Caroo Hippolyte (Teacher) and Ms. Michelle Walter (Teacher). There are many more out there: write a comment and let us know who you are and what you are doing now. 

This forty-seventh year comes with a birthday gift of a new concrete block to replace the run-down wooden building which once stood where the school’s court is being constructed. Many other changes are yet to come. Happy 47th Anniversary Fond Assau Primary!

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