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Moving Closer to Goal




With the support of the Ministry of Education through the IT Unit, Fond Assau Primary received eighteen netbooks to help with their goal of Technology-Enabled Learning. A Wi-Fi Extender was also installed so that the teachers and students have connectivity in the classroom. A giant step on the road to technology integration for F.A.P.S.

Those netbooks, along with other desktops at the school, will be used by the teachers and students to leverage the collaborative power of Google Suite for Education and  Edmodo. Plans are also in the pipeline to utilize Google Classrooms, Khan Academy and Conquermaths.

F.A.P.S staff, students and parents extend their gratitude to the Ministry of Education for their support and pledge to continue striving for improved student performance.  

F.A.P.S Valentines Raffle




February 14th, marked the anticipated annual raffle at F.A.P.S. Each student who returned the most raffle sheets or entries was awarded with a rose candy. The lucky winners were, Lequan Prospere – a parent from the community and Jean Sean Monchery – a student from Kindergarten. Unfortunately, the Valentine Poetry competition had to be postponed due to time constraints. 

During the gathering, the opportunity was profited to award the proud medalists of the District One Infant Sports.

Advancing the Nagoya Protocol

A trio from the Department of Sustainable Development comprising of Ms. Johanne Husbands, Ms. Janel Gabriel and Ms. Cleopatra Anthony visited F.A.P.S on Valentines Day. Unlike cupid, they came bearing the gift of knowledge as they informed the staff and students about the Nagoya Protocol. It was evident from the level of participation and excitement, that everyone enjoyed the informative presentation. 

Battle of Future Scientists!





F.A.P.S finished in 5th place out of the 10 participating schools at the District One Science Quiz on Thursday 25th January 2018. Although the trophy did not come home, staff and students were still proud of the effort made by their representatives.

The three students were formally presented with their certificates of participation at the school assembly on Tuesday 30th January 2018 along with some words of encouragement from the principal.

Trolley Train Fun

Each student who achieved the academic goal of 80% and above or improved their grade from the previous term was treated to a Trolley Train Ride on Monday 29th January 2018. From all reports, it was definitely a very memorable experience for all students. To top the day off, they all got an opportunity to attend an exhibition at the Castries Town Hall to enjoy the work of some local authors before returning to the school. An action-packed day for the model students of FAPS.

Infants Get In Gear

The younger ones gave their best at F.A.P.S Inter-house Infant Sports on Friday 26th January 2018 on the school grounds. They participated in the 40 meter dash, sack race, fill the bottle, balloon bursting and potato relay. See the results of the very close competition below.   

The best athletes will be representing the school in the District One Infant Sports on Friday February 2nd, 2018 on the Monchy Playing Field.

Happy New Year!




Teachers, students and parents walked in to a welcomed change this year. FAPS continues to strive for positive change and invites anyone who can help make a difference to join them on this journey. Can you spot the difference?




The principal and staff take this opportunity to extend new year greetings to all stakeholders of the school. May the new year bring you good fortune. All the best for 2018!

Sagicor Spreads Christmas Cheer!

The importance of assistance to schools and the family members of students cannot be expressed enough. Sagicor has stepped forward as one of the key players this Christmas and pledged their future assistance to the Fond Assau Primary School. The Company’s representatives made their Christmas presentation to the fortunate family and left everyone else in awe. The principal and staff extend their appreciation to Sagicor and wish them much success in the new year – 2018!

Child Evangelism Fellowship Christmas Party

The group, Child Evangelism Fellowship played their part in spreading the joy of Christmas at Fond Assau. Their message made the true meaning of Christmas clear to the students; the birthday of Jesus Christ! The session was very interactive and loaded with games, songs, skits and to top things off – each student received a Christmas treat. Thank you so much for investing in our nation’s future.

Students Help Decide



The Student Council Executive of FAPS gave the green light for a Christmas movie and treat as the end of term fund raising event. This was chosen out of all the suggestions made by each grade at their class meetings. Many of the students reported that they enjoyed the movie “ The Magic Snowflake” and the Christmas treat of cookies and sorrel.

The proceeds of this fundraiser will go towards purchasing board games for the students to engage themselves. This decision was made by the entire student body during a short assembly.

Teachers are hoping that the students will practice social skills, follow rules and think critically, while having fun.

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