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Grand Opening – Come Support!








Support one of the most charitable groups to help the Fond Assau Primary School and possibly St. Lucia. (Click on the picture above for a closeup of details)

When you visit and patronize, do let them know you are from Fond Assau 

Your support will mean a lot to the school and no doubt to Pawasol as well. Help them help our children. Spread the word in the Community. 

Do not miss your chance to make a difference in the lives of our nation’s children.

Local Heroes Team Up!





Pawasol Pour Ti Mamai, in collaboration with Computer World, has graciously donated the second place award for this year’s deserving Common Entrance student for the upcoming F.A.P.S Award Ceremony on July 5th, 2018 from 2:00 p.m. This, most appreciated gesture, is pale by comparison to the great work that they have done in the Fond Assau Community before. Although this time, Computer World is credited for making this prize available, Pawasol’s  involvement is held in just as high a regard. “Thank You,” Pawasol and Computer World!

Both your efforts are on record and we look forward to our continued partnership in the new academic year and beyond.  

Click “more” tab to see photos.

Sound Advice



As is customary after Common Entrance Exams, the grade six students are engaged in activities which will prepare them, as they transition to their respective secondary schools. On June 21, 2018, Health aids Laurentia Maylor, Keisha Maryat and Janelle Dupre rallied together to send the message; “Say No!” to peer pressure leading to the use of drugs and alcohol. The main purpose for their visit however, was to educate the students about the risks and effects of experimenting or engaging in sexual activity of any kind. They also learnt about the viruses and bacteria which cause various sexually transmitted diseases and infections. All present, were armed with the skills and smarts to deal with some of the possible dangers that lie ahead.

In the near future, the District One Counselor, will organise for older students from selected secondary schools to share their experiences and offer a survival guide for the next step in their educational journey. A job well done by our hard-working social and healthcare workers!

Common Entrance Experience






Hello 6th Graders,

Share your experience with others.

  • How was your experience at Common Entrance?
  • How did you feel before, during and after the exam?
  • Would you do anything differently?
  • Which school do you think you will be attending soon?

Let the other students know!

Walking for the Big 50




Students, teachers and parents took to the streets on June 2nd, 2018 for the F.A.P.S annual sponsored walk. Proceeds for the activity will go towards observing the 50th Anniversary of Fond Assau Primary, during the next academic year. Much appreciation is extended to the Babonneau Police for their support and praises to the almighty for a fun, incident free activity.

After the walk, students participated in a book sale in support of the school library, listened to a folk story read by the principal and were given an opportunity to share their experience on the walk in poem, song and dance. A fun-filled day for everyone!


Characters Come to Life

Reading month came to life as the students took the opportunity to dress up as a storybook character or anything and anyone they read about during the month. The day was filled with lots of excitement and much creativity by students and even teachers!. Kudos to all participants, especially the teachers and parents who demonstrated more support for the activity this year,  than those in the past. A step in the right direction!


Karaoke Fun





As part of the line-up of reading month activities, the staff and student of F.A.P.S engaged in singing and reading enjoyment. Mr. Donaii, father to a student at the school, played his part as a parent to ensure the success of reading month.

The staff takes this opportunity to thank all the invited guests, Mummies and Daddies who came to read to the students. A warm thank you to all stakeholders who participated in any of the Reading Month activities.

Dental Crash Course

The students of grade 3 and 4 were the fortunate participants in a very engaging and interactive Dental Health Care session conducted by Mrs. Paul and Ms. Arlain on May 18, 2018.

The students enjoyed an informative Powerpoint, watched a cartoon loaded with facts and advice and saw a detailed demonstration on a huge model of the teeth being brushed to reinforce their learning.

Kudos to our super dental care pair! Keep up the great work and we hope you grace F.A.P.S with your presence in the future.


F.A.P.S Christian Service

The F.A.P.S school choir lead the opening worship session at the Christian Service on May 15, 2018. Then, Pastor Travis Berrance continued with a very interactive and engaging sermon under the theme Divine Excellence. Students were reminded that they each have a purpose in life and that they should not let obstacles get in the way of producing excellence. The Diamond Steppers brought the curtains down with a wonderful dance performance.

The staff, students and parents were touched in a special way throughout the service.  

PTA Meeting: Students in Focus






Many parents beamed with pride at the PTA of May 8th, 2018, as their children were recognized for their academic achievements. Students were awarded for reaching the goal of 80% and above and for improving their performance from the last term. Education Officer for District One, Cirus Cepal delivered brief remarks to encourage the parents and also assisted with distributing the tokens to students. In addition to the awards parents were informed of the plan of activities, given a review of the fund raising activities and the projects for which the proceeds will be used. The gathering spoke on current issues and planned the way forward.